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In St. Johns County of Florida, there’s a picturesque Cantley Way in the Durbin Crossing subdivision. Circle of our friends joined forces, driven by a shared passion for food, so how can pickles be left behind? Thus, Cantley Pickles was born, a venture set to revolutionize the pickle landscape. We diligently sourced the juiciest mangoes, zesty lemons, and fragrant garlic from local suppliers. Our commitment led us to recipes that honored the innate goodness of these ingredients, shunning artificial additives. With every jar crafted, we poured in not just effort, but love – merging traditional methods with innovation. The outcome? Pickles that were not only delectable but also wholesome and nourishing. We envision Cantley Pickles to become a renowned and cherished market find and a kitchen essential. Our initial days showcase how the fusion of fresh, natural components and sincere dedication can elevate humble pickles into exceptional culinary treasures.

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Passion & Expertise

Infusing love into every jar, we expertly craft exceptional pickles using the finest ingredients to redefine your palate's expectations.

100% natural ingredients

Pure goodness in every bite. We guarantee the finest quality, with our pickles made solely from nature's best ingredients sourced from NiMi farms.

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Your happiness is our priority. We're dedicated to ensuring your delight with every jar of Cantley Pickles you savor.

Family Tradition

Passed down through generations, Cantley Pickles is our cherished family tradition since 1935 (My Grandma). We bring you the flavors we hold dear.

made fresh with love

mango & Lime pickles

Pure goodness in every bite. We guarantee the finest quality, with our pickles made solely from nature’s best ingredients sourced from NiMi farms.​

“No meal is complete without Cantley Pickle. It’s the best pickle you will ever taste!”

our first customer Surabhi

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Indulge in the exceptional taste of Cantley Pickles, delivered fresh. Our commitment to your palate’s satisfaction knows no bounds. From the crunch of Monday to the zing of Sunday, relish in our diverse range of flavors. With a passion for quality, we ensure that each jar is a delightful reminder of our dedication. Our daily delivery service guarantees that you experience the peak of freshness every time you open a jar. Elevate your meals, snacks, and gatherings with the vibrant, mouthwatering selection from Cantley Pickles, available whenever you desire.